47 hours remaining of your trial-premium


47 hours remaining of your trial-premium


on my iphone 5 spotify says 47 hours remaining of your trial, i verified my premium subscription works fine from my computer so not sure why my iOS device says that.

followed your instructions to clear history and cookies in safari as well as delete the app and reinstall but to no avail.

also tried setting a device user specific name with its own access password instead of logging in with facebook to eliminate that FB might be the issue and still no-go.

please fix with a revision/update to software as i use spotify on my run every single morning.




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Re: 47 hours remaining of your trial-premium

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Normally you get a free 48 hour trial the first time an account logs in on a mobile device, is it the first time you have logged in on a mobile device? 

Normally, your normal subscription will resume after you free 48 hours, just think of it as 2 days of free premium!



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