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4s Lock Screen Bug, anyone else?

4s Lock Screen Bug, anyone else?

I have the latest update of Spotify on an iPHone 4s, iOS 5.1 (not 5.1.1). I do not believe this was happening prior to the last update and I'm not sure where to send bug reports or if Spotify even takes them.


Anyway, if I turn off the screen while listening to Spotify then want to look at the lock screen and see what song is playing it will display the current song but if I look down again after the track has changed it still displays the title of the track that was playing the first time. If I unlock the screen then lock it back and check again it will display the correct song. But it will only display that track's info even when I'm further into the playlist.


In other words if I look at the lock screen during track 1 then lock the screen again and look back once I've progressed to track 3, it still displays track 1. Unlocking and relocking the screen refreshes the data to the current track but it remains stuck there until the next unlock.


While I'm here... any plans to allow us to rearrange playlists? I like my stuff to be better organized than it is. Folders would be great.



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The connectivity issue mentioned was likely what I was describing above where the track stops playing or refuses to start. I've also had issues playing non-synced tracs because it says I'm not online. I keep getting errors regarding synced playlists as well... Guess we'll see if that's fixed, at least.

@RebelDogg, noticed the same problems you said earlier about not playing. Even with this new update. I usually have to close the app then restart it in order for it to play again.


Still getting the same original problems too. This app need some work, but I still love it.

Still same bug. Spotify should finally do something to get it fixed.

How about rearranging songs within a playlist...i have tried everything...locks up

Chiming in with "I have the same problem" - iPhone 4S, have attempted a reinstall of the Spotify app, doesn't matter if I'm offline or online.


I've noticed that it's persistant when you're listening to an album by a single artist, rather than a compilation.  I've found that playing through my Starred list always updates the track and artist name correctly, UNLESS it's a track by the same artist as the previous track.  If the problem doesn't occur on the second consecutive track by the same artist, it definitely does by the third or fourth.


Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but it's also affecting Bluetooth in my car.  The track name on my in-car display is exactly the same as on the lock screen, ie. wrong.

Instead of fixing this they seem to have added a new bug...

Now I'm noticing that Spotify isn't remembering my last listened to track very well. For example, I get home from work and disconnect from my car in the middle of a track. The next morning it starts from a track or two before rather than from where I left off, or at least from the beginning of the track I left off on. 😕 C'mon Spotify. Great service, **bleep**ty app support.

Just curious - can we get an update possibly from the dev team on why this is still an issue?  Just seems so fundamental to me.  It doesn't hugely bother me as music still plays fine but it has been a really long time since this was introduced (since the iPad app came out, I believe).

Any comment on this matter from the support folk would be greatly appreciated.

Same problem here!


Problem only occurs when the playlist is located inside a folder. When playing sons from a playlist at the root of the overview, updating the lockscreen seems to work well.

The issue is finally fixed in the 0.6 update! 😄

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