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7 second then it stops

7 second then it stops

I have Spotify premium. Since a while back a majority of songs will stop playing after 7-15 seconds or won’t play at all. It doesn’t matter if I have them downloaded on my iPhone or not, same issue. Occasionally it works. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, turn off download, turn it back on.. both the iOS and the app are up to date. I also tried with and without my Blutooth Beats Solo 3. Blutooth on/off, forget headphones, add them back.. It seems to work better but not perfect with out them. If this keeps up I see no point in paying for the service.. I added this post once before but was too slow to comment so it got closed.. More detailed information: iOS 11.2.6, Device: iPhone 8, Spotify (although I think it started before this)



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I have exactly the same problem with exactly the same versions of Spotify and IOS. It all started with the download of Spotify on March 21, 2018.

After some research it seems to me it has to do with the Bluetooth connection and how Spotify app manages it...

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