A Playlist of Local Files will not sync to my iPhone

A Playlist of Local Files will not sync to my iPhone

Dear Spotify Community,


I am having a hard time downloading local files I have purchased / created from my Mac Pro to my iPhone XR. My steps are:

  1. On my Mac Pro: I make a playlist with local files
  2. I go to the top righthand side of the screen while in the playlist and turn on the Downloaded toggle.
  3. I go to my iPhone, I make sure I am on the same Wi-Fi as my Mac Pro
  4. Go to the playlist and click the three dots in the top right hand corner.
  5. I select Download.

It says waiting to download and none of the local files show up.

This has happened repeatedly and I typically have to reinstall Spotify on my phone to fix it but that is a temporary fix and forces me to redownload all of my playlists to my phone. Also, I reinstalled Spotify on Mac before and it doesn't fix it either.


Since I am paying for Spotify Premium, I would expect all of the functions to work including downloading local files. To me this is a deal beaker and I might consider cancelling my plan and going to iTunes for this functionality.


Can you please help / provide a fix for this issue?


Thank you








iPhone XR, Mac Pro 2013

Operating System

iOS 12.3, macOS 10.14.5

Versions of Spotify:






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Try this: While the program is open on both your phone and computer, play the song on your computer. It should either start playing immediately on your phone or ask if you want to switch from listening on the computer to the phone. Then you should be able to like the song and it will appear in the playlist. For some reason the app needs you to play the song first to prompt the downloading process.

Hope this helps.

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