A music player without an easily accessible volume control..?


A music player without an easily accessible volume control..?


A music player without an easly accessible volume control..?

Is that a serious design decesion..? Accessing Play / Stop / Volume are the 3 MOST important buttons. Actually volume control is more important than next / previous buttons.


I tell you an example that shows how akward this could be:

I was sitting in a quite environment where the iPad was attached to a tablet stand in such a way that the physical volume controls were not accessible. Someone connected a loudspeaker to the iPad, and hit play on Spotify. It was SO loud that everyone jumped, someone even spilled the coffee out. The guy didn't find the volume controls, so he tried nervously finding another way. Someone shouted at him to swipe up to have the system wide volume controls - but he didn't know that on the new iOS, now you need a second swipe to access to the volume controls (He was an Android guy). He became really desparete to decrease volume, but in the madness, he quit Spotify (he didn't really quit, just the app went into the background), so he couldn't even stop the music. He (and everyone else) was really nervous, and finally he wanted to unplug the loudspeaker jack, but he knocked down the entire iPad stand.


PLEASE. Put the volume controls back, next to the play / stop buttons. It's part of the three MOST important buttons that any music player should have. I am not even sure who had the idea to hide it. Is this serious?