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Accessibility issues on spodify using voiceover screenreader

Accessibility issues on spodify using voiceover screenreader

Hello friends,this is a report regarding blind people 
I came here to report an issue that is important to me and I will tell you why below

for anyone reading the report it will be probably unusual one.

The problem exists in podcasts > episodes > today section of the app. Other sections such as downloads and shows are not affected I will assume that developers know how voiceover works, to conclude it works by navigating the screen using left and right swipe gestures.
In case anyone else is curious what is voiceover, the short answer it is a screenreader software that speaks everything on the screen for the blind so he or she can use the phone without seeing the contents of the screen. It works by listening what the screen reader says.

This bug exists since I started to use spotify so it is not related to any specific version, and I am using spotify for a good while now.
So the problem exists when trying to go through the list of podcasts in the episode section of the app. And the problem is that I cannot go through the list of podcasts properly using voiceover, because it jumps to the very 1st podcast when I try to use the default voiceover gestures.
I'm swiping left to right to go through the list of available episodes and I am doing that to go through different elements like title, description, and the play button and in the normal scenario it should move to the next element properly using the logical placement of the elements in the app, however in this case it jumps back to the 1st element rather than going to the next one, Whenever I try to move to the next episode.

So in the scenario where I have


I navigate through podcast "A" correctly but when I am trying to move to podcast "B" it jumps back to podcast "A" rather than continuing to the podcast "B" etc.

So it does not handle voiceover navigation correctly.
Since I have some vision, I can tell that when I'm using voiceover gestures the UI of the app seems very jumpy when I am browsing through the episodes > today section of the app, interesting thing the section above that holds titles that are not finished yet have no problems with navigation.

Please do not suggest to reinstall the app or anything similar, because I don't have any issues with the content in the app or downloading stuff, none of that whatsoever and since I know how voiceover works is definitely related to the app itself. It's a bug not a feature...

I will repeat myself and I will say that this bug is not related to any specific version of the app and it even existed in iOS 12 I just was lazy to report that, but since I want to use spotify as my podcast provider I decided to report that, since I never saw the fix for that issue.

So I hope it's clear if it's not please reply and I will try to explain the steps and much more detail.
There are other minor problems but this 1 is the priority, and if this 1 gets fixed I will report the other ones I find.

Technical specifications

iPhone 8+
iOS 13.4.1
spotify version:
Plan: premium
country: ireland

Best regards

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