Account won’t edit

Account won’t edit



Plan : premium 

Country : USA 


Device : IPhone XS 

My Question or Issue : My family has a Spotify family plan and I just began activating and creating my account today as I previously used Apple Music. I want to edit my display name and picture so I can add my friends but my account literally will not edit. I am accessing everything the correct way  but when I try to tap “edit profile” nothing will happen, when I try to physically tap my display name to change it, nothing will happen (it’s just “Chrissy” right now... ) and when I try to tap my blank account picture to upload a picture, nothing will happen. It’s super frustrating since I know I am doing all the processing correctly. Looks like I need real technical help so someone please help! So far my transition from Apple Music to Spotify is not going well

solve : it was the internet connection  

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