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Airplay: Stream to an Airport Device

Airplay: Stream to an Airport Device

Ive been using Ipeng and a Squeezebox to stream my music colelction to my Amp for several years without any issues.

I recently subscribed to Spotify premium and use Airplay to play music play songs from my iPhone to the same amp.


Problem is the audio fluxuates terribly when playing any song through Spotify.

Is this a bug with Spotify or Airplay? 



Any sugegstions appreciated?

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Can you try disabling bluetooth on your iPhone and see if you get the same behaviour?

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Just perofmed some more testing.


Bluetooth turned off is not the issue

Tried playing back the audio directly to my iPhone and its fine.

clicked the option on my phone to push it to my Amplifier and it fluctuates terribly.

Switch back to my phone and back to normal.


Just tried using the built in video application on my iphone to stream over airplay and i get the same result.


Clearly this is an Airplay issue.


The AMP is an RXV 473 and is hooked up to me LAN.

Is there any way to stream Spotify without using Airplay? 


Any suggestions appreciated.

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