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Airplay stuttering

Airplay stuttering



I have a problem concerning stuttering when im using airpay to stream spotify music through Boxee-box to my stereo. I can't seem to find what causes it.


The boxee box is connected to the router through ethernet. It's a wireless-n router and a Ipad 2.


I hope you can help me!

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Having the same issues


Using Airport Extreme 5th Gen as base router and Airport Express to B&W Zeppelin. Spotify from new Gen ipad. Stttttutttuering audio.


Not enough to stop listening but enough to get on your tits!! 🙂


I've heard the 5Ghz doesn't work as good as 2.4 Ghz but just figuring out whats involved to change. Have Airport utility for PC just trying to figure out what to do.


Any hel[ would be good

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