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Airpod Pros stop certain buttons from responding

Airpod Pros stop certain buttons from responding




United States


iPhone SE 2020

Operating System

iOS 15


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Whenever my Airpods are connected some buttons no longer work. These buttons include the change photo for the playlist, change to public/private playlist, delete a playlist, ect. This is very inconvenient and I would love for it to be fixed. 

I searched everywhere for an answer but only found one post which was unresolved from a year ago. They had the exact same problems I have, the only difference being the iOS was 14 and the Airpods were gen 1 instead. 

I have restarted my phone multiple times, restarted the app, cleared the cache. None fixed the problem and this other post also did a clean reinstall which was suggested by a mod but it didn't work for them.


Edit: I did some troubleshooting on my own and it seems just any button that prompts a pop-up is blocked, and that is why these select buttons don't work. I found this since the notification for songs added to que are also blocked while AirPods are connected. Though the songs still get added to the que since you don't need to click this notification, unlike the private button or the delete playlist, etc. Hope this helps.

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Hey @TurtleWizard,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that this is happening. Can you let us know if this started recently, like after an update? It would also be great if you can share your current Spotify app version and exact iOS version.


What you can try is to go into your phone's notification settings and check if any of the settings for Spotify there change when the Airpods are connected, compared to when they are not.


This information will help us look further into this issue 🙂


Keep us posted.

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