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Album Cover won't show using Bluetooth Connection

Album Cover won't show using Bluetooth Connection

I have a 2017 BMW with updated software, I now have no Album cover showing on my car screen using Bluetooth the feature completely disappear after the last update, I already logged out of my account, did a fresh installed and nothing seems to resolve the problem. Now, If i connect thru USB everything works fine.

Also If I use Apple Music, Pandora or Amazon Music, everything works fine as it should. So anyone was the same issue or was resolved this problem somehow?

I am about to cancel my subs and go back to Pandora.






iPhone 8 Plus, latest update

Operating System

iOS 10


My Question or Issue

Bluetooth album covers not showing on car screen.

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Same problem here. 2016 BMW with ID4 (NBT EVO), iPhone 6s iOS 12.4.


I always had album art on my BMW iDrive display using Bluetooth connection while listening to music with Spotify, but with recent Spotify versions including the album art is no longer displayed. It still shows artist name, album name and song name. This has been going on for a few weeks, not sure which Spotify update broke the functionality but it wasn’t long ago.


Any help would be appreciated.

Looking it up it's a known problem ppl are having with BMW considering it was working fine until January 2020! I have an iPhone 8 on ios13 and spotify on and the covert art/song title stopped changing/displaying correct on the iDrive screen in January 2020. Really annoying!

Restarting my iPhone fixed this issue completely. The phone must have had a strange glitch where it would still be able to transmit audio and text via Bluetooth, but no images. One day I turned the phone off and back on (for unrelated reasons) and iDrive immediately displayed album artwork again. I did not make any other changes and there was no IOS or Spotify app update at that time. Give it a try and power down your phone.

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