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Album sort changed? (Ipad)

Album sort changed? (Ipad)

Just pulled up Spotify on my iPad, and the album section of 'Your Music' has changed completely. The album view is pretty much the only way I listen to my music, and it's been changed to where the artists beginning with a number are at the end now, and most annoyingly, any band beginning in 'The' now sorts to the 't' as its starting letter. Before, it ignored 'the' and alphabetized based on the first letter of the word after 'the'. To make things worse, it doesn't even take the second word in the band title into consideration (see the attachment if you don't get what I'm saying). It's annoying the crap out of me since I've gotten used to the positions of my music on the list. Is there any way to revert back to the old sorting system?
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I have the same issue on my iPhone, but not on the desktop version.

It seems like there is problems popping up with people viewing their Album sorted by artists. I don't think I have the exact same problem, but I say: yes there is something faulty with the way the Albums in "My Music" are sorted now


  • albums from the same artists are scatered everywhere on the list instead of being next to each other on the list.
  • This doesn't apply to all artists, some of them are still grouped next to each other under the same artist as expected.
  • Both iOS for iPad and iPod are affected, but not the desktop application

I am seeing the same, but it goes beyond just "The" artists; it seems to be sortng on the first *letter*, but then anything goes! Screenshot is with sort by artist.

Yeah... So mine is screwed up with every letter now too. THIS SUCKS! T_T

Just realised now that even albums by the same artist aren't grouped together, so the alpa sort is broken for me entirely, frustrating!

Because of this utterly confusing set of album changes, I've just activated my 3 month free trial of Apple Music. Spotify shouldn't worry about this yet. Unless they do something about this screw up within the next 3 months, I'm going to really consider going full time with Apple Music.


The album sorting on my iPod Touch, where what comes after "Plumb" is "Paramore".... fix it!!

Paramore gets in between the Plumb

Yes I have this exact problem too. Its extremely annoying as Album view is the only way I view my music, and having various albums dotted all over the place for one Artist is extremely frustrating.

Definitely a problem that needs to be fixed. I'm going to be trying Apple Music for 3 months to see how this goes. I wont be swapping unless this stays as it is.

Why do I get the funny feeling this isn't Spotify's fault, but it's a subtle threat from Apple?

It's as through Apple Inc., through tampering with the app via updates and mucking up the Album order, is subtly suggesting that Spotify is only successful because of Apple, and that at any moment they could screw Spotify over and knock them off the App Store in just a snap.


Reason for this is because

  1. They seem to have no control over my Windows Phone 8.1 spotify which still works with the old order (then again, Spotify hasn't updated that app, yet...)
  2. I haven't seen the mucking of the order on any of the other Spotify apps (e.g. Spotify Web and Spotify Desktop), even after they are updated
  3. Spotify isn't the kind of music company to make such a huge error in their app.

If it really is a case of Apple backdoor blackmail, then that's a bad apple to them.


did we get a fix for this or if anyone knows a work around please?

So far, reinstalling the app doesn't seem to fix the main issue. And their latest update seems to be more of a rollback which removes Spotify Running. However, the Album issue IS STILL THERE!

yes we need someone to note this problem as its a BIG ONE !

Ok so after contacting them on Twitter, with no success. I decided to send them an email about this. Here is there response. 



Thanks for your email.

It sounds like you're seeing one of a few changes we've made to Spotify recently, which may or may not be permanent.

Your feedback - which I'll pass on to the relevant people here - is important because, overall, we try out these changes as part of our ongoing dedication to make Spotify even better.

Enjoy the music!


“Where words leave off, music begins.” -Heinrich Heine

Spotify Customer Support



This obviously shows that it was intentional, god knows why because it's a massive step backwards in my opinion. I've actually sent them an email back explaining why, and advised them that Apple Music actually do it the way Spotify used to, and it works. It's great. 


Lets hope they seriously look at this and bring it back in. I mean why change something so good to something that now makes the Album menu, redundant??


I suggest you all send an email to Spotify asking why it has changed. The more people that get in touch the more they will listen and put the Album menu back as it was. 


Email to 

Wow... how could a human being take a look at the changes they've made and just be like "Yup, we should definitely take the time to code this and put the changes out in an update". Absolutely ridiculous. I've sent a message to the spotify support, and hope anyone else having this issue will too. Only a large amount of e-mails will change their mind on this I think.

Spotify replied to my bug report by saying they would fix the problem.  Well, here's 3.5, and the problem is still there. And no, it's not a feature.  How hard is it to sort by letter?  I really don't want to switch to Apple Music, but if this continues, I will have to.

I'm on Apple Music and currently its much better, but I would prefer to use Spotify, but only if this is fixed asap. I really hope they fix it as they said.

I take it no one has heard anything from Spotify on this yet? 

Problem has been fixed


To everyone who is having this problem, Spotify has released v3.6 for the iOS App. Even though the main release note says "Minor Improvements" it fixes the Album Sorting issue that most of us have been experiencing.


new album order.PNG


For the most part, the albums are listed according to their artist's alphabetical order, then to their own alphabetical order.


Problem better, but not fixed.  1) All artists whose names begin with "The" are grouped together; 2) still sorting errors, for example, see below, which lists "The Sugar Stems," "Temples," then "Thee Oh Sees." 3) My elementary school teach taught me to sort last name, first name; not first name, last name. Spotify should be embarressed.IMG_0028.PNG

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