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Album suddenly not available offline any more

Album suddenly not available offline any more

Hi All,

My albums are saved offline and were available offline until yesterday. Synced 5 days ago.

Now when trying to hear them, Spotify says "Du hast noch nichts aus (Albumname) gespeichert. Speichere dieses Album, um es in 'Bibliothek' anzuzeigen. 

Translation into English: You have't saved anything of album (Albumname). Save this album in order to show it in Library.


In the overview of all albums, the GREEN arrow is shown and when I access the album, "Available Offline" is activated (put to green). No songs are shown, only the Album title. Please see screenshot attached.


- Not touched the phone since I've heared music yesterday

- No system update since then

- No setting changes etc.

- Playlists are still available offline

-Spotify set to offline in phone settings


IPhone 5

iOs 9.3.2

Next Spotify Month End: July 22nd

Spotify Version


Can anyone tell me why I can't listen to the offline albums any more?

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

Supergrobi 1909

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