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All I want to do is to shuffle System of a Down.

All I want to do is to shuffle System of a Down.

So I go to my music - starred - scroll up, and type in "system". I click a song I wanna play, and then go to press the shuffle button. Next thing I know the next song is NOT by System. In fact when I press back my search is no longer there. Apparently, if I click on a song after I do a search, it forgets the search.


I pay 10$ a month. Give me what I pay for. Fix the app. Stop adding content, fix the bugs so I can listen to my music. I am not going to make a playlist for every band I like just to get around this problem.

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If I understand correctly - you're filtering your 'Starred' playlist to only show System of a Down, and then you hit shuffle after playing a song - Spotify understands this as shuffling the entire Starred playlist. This is the intended function and is not considered a bug.


I'd recommend importing your Starred playlist into the new Your Music feature, which is designed to replace the Starring system: there will be no more updates or new features rolled out to Starred playlists. From the desktop client, the Import button appears next to the Play button when the Starred playlist is selected. This populates the Your Music tab with all the music from Starred, and you can sort by Artist, Albums or Songs. It's much easier to do artist-only shuffling from the Your Music tab on iOS: no unnecessary playlists needed.

That is correct behaviour, the filter is not meant to "stick" on as far as I am aware.

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Thanks, but I can't find a way to search under "your music".

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