All my playlists are no longer available offline??


All my playlists are no longer available offline??

I PAY SO I CAN HAVE MUSIC ANYTIME ANYWHERE. I went over my data syncing all my play lists. Then was finally happy I could turn off my data and play my saved playlists. And now my play lists are all still there but no longer synced!!! It's going to use up all my data re syncing them. Also since I'm paying so much each month shouldn't I be able to play my synced music on MY LAPTOP without Internet connection. Your promises are bull**bleep** and if my play lists are not available offline you can cancel my account I refuse to pay,
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Re: All my playlists are no longer available offline??

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Hi there and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear that you're having such trouble.


If you're saying that your playlists are not available "AT ALL" offline, then that's definitely a problem. Are you sure that you can't play them offline and that it's not just telling you that you need to sync to get your new songs?


If this is still a problem, I would recommend contacting Spotify Account Management Support at this link -



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