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Amazon alexa

Amazon alexa






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Getting really sick of trying to fix it now! I could spend hours and hours asking alexa to play Spotify. Specific commands, location of where I want to play it. A particular song. And get absolutely no Spotify at all. Alexa says ‘here is Spotify’... ‘now playing ‘...’ on Spotify in the everywhere group’... well it’s just not... IT DOES NOTHING! Tried ALL the troubleshooting. Deleted and redownloaded ALL apps, removed the devices, removed access, removed the skill, rebooted wifi. Factory reset EVERYTHING. And it just doesn’t work! It’s not internet speed as it’s literally only doing it with Alexa. And when I finally get it to play manually it stops after 2 songs anyway. After 10mins of trying to get it to play in the first place. Please fix this. My house full of Alexa devices are completely no use to me now that the only thing I use it for just doesn’t work. 

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