An error occurs after 15 seconds when playing playlists through an iPod docking station

An error occurs after 15 seconds when playing playlists through an iPod docking station


I have a recurring issue when I want to play playlists from my iPhone through an iPod docking station linked to a Bose Lifestyle system. After 10 to 20 the Bose systems stops playing the playlist, but the iPhone does not stop playing. When I reconnect the iPhone to the docking station, the issue is resolved for the next 10 to 20 seconds ...


I only have this issue when playing playlists from Spotify. I do not have the issue when listening to radio on Spotify, playing local music or streaming YouTube. The software on the Lifestyle system is completely up-to-date with the latest updates and Bose replaced my docking station with a brand new one.


Can anybody help me with this issue? Many thanks in advance.

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I have the exact same problem! I can´t find the solution to this anywhere..... I mean, as a system like that, it should be able to play Spotify through an iPhone-docking....


I had this problem too and was told to make sure my iphone/ipod is running the latest IOS software, then update the bose software through the settings using a usb. After this, the problem stopped. It has started up again though so I'm just about to go throught the same procedure again. Hope that helps!


I have the same problem.Is shouldn't happen in a system like Bose... Talked to the Bose technical support in Sweden (for my Lifestyle V-system) 2 months ago, but they haven't got any solution. Tehy knew about the problem, but seemed quite uninterested in my call. Now I plan to buy another IPHONE bridge and control it with the Bose remote.

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