App crashes every single time I try to access inbox

App crashes every single time I try to access inbox

A friend of mine sent me six song suggestions today. The notification "dot" tells me I have 6 notifications waiting, but every single time I try to access Spotify the app crashes. I am using Spotofy on a brand new iPad Air. Tried turning the iPad on and off several times. I have 30GB of free space on the iPad. Spotify on my Mac tells me I only got one song from my friend, so there could be something fishy going on there. (Also, I would prefer not having to delete and reinstall the app, since it took me a while to download the 32 GB of offline playlists..)

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Can you check on the web player and see if you can see them there? 

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Thank you for helping! In the web player, like with the OS X app, there is only one song showing from my friend, as opposed to the six notifications I have in my iOS app. 

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