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App crashing when WiFi or mobiledata is activated

App crashing when WiFi or mobiledata is activated

Plan: Premium

Country: Germany



iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 13.5.1


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Hey lads,

so my app worked totally fine until today. When I'm trying to start it, it just crashes immediatly. But only when I'm connected to a WiFi or have mobile data activated. As soon as i activate Flightmode and start the app i am "able" to log in. I mean, i can see the login buttons and anything, ofcourse as soon as i tap on it I can't log in hence I'm in Flightmode. If i turn off the flightmode when I'm at the login-area of spotify, the app crashes again...


I've tried the following things:

Turn Flightmode on

Delete the app via appstore

Delete the app via iOS properties


Clean reset

(both resets between I deleted and reinstalled the app)


Any ideas what to do? As i can't open the app itself properly i can't reach for any appcache or anything else (which either way should be deleted after I reinstalled this app several times now).


Best regards and  thanks for the help! ❤️

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Hmm me too, and it seems as though it only affects my Spotify as the Spotify Station app on my phone works. And it only affects my phone, not my computer. It seems as though many others are having the same problem so lets pray Spotify will release a new update soon.

Yeah I’ve got the exact same problem...

Hey there!

There was a few reported issues surrounding this however this has all been rectified backstage, if your still having issues do let me know however I'd recommend uninstalling the application > Restarting your device > then reinstalling the Spotify app. 

If you're all set, have an awesome weekend!

Best Wishes and Keep Safe,

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