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App interface

Hi! Yesterday my spotify app startes to look like shown in the picture. I tries update the app, reinstall the app and even update my iphone.

any suggestion on how i can get to the normal app interface again?


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Hey, thanks for letting me know!

Spotify is testing new features now. Here's some more information about why you might be seeing different features.

To clearify that, a/b testing and install a Spotify beta app are not the same thing.

There is only limited percentage of users who have A/B tests on their accounts. Nevertheless, in this case, I will pass your feedback to the Spotify team.

And you may make a new account to see whether it has the A/B test or not. Then, if you want transfer all the music to new account, you can contact our support team for that.

Hope that helps 🙂


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Hey, I also get the new Interface, and I can't even see my saved songs, how can I go back ? Wanted to subscribe but if I can't even see my music on mobile there's no way i'm gonna subscribe.


Hey! Thanks for your reply!


I am missing most of the feature that i use daily such as the browser button. I dont remember agreeing to be a feature tester. I would very much like the old layout back. 


Thank you



Unfortunately nothing has changed. Still I would like the old appearance back.



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