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App unusually slow + Downloaded music

App unusually slow + Downloaded music





iPhone 8 

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 I have quite a bit of music download, ~125 songs, and I have noticed this as the source of my app being slow but only when online. I reinstalled the app and none of the slowness was there, however as soon as I redownloaded all my music it was back. That thing that confuses me the most is when offline, my app is no longer slow at all.

I would post a screenshot but...not sure how that would help.

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Do you think it might have something to do with the available storage space you have on your device or your “internet connection” speed?

Hi there!

I know it sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. Could you try restarting your device? If that doesn't help, try a quick clean reinstall of the app. Just follow these steps.

If you're still having trouble, could you let me know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system you're running?

I'll see what I can suggest next!

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