[Apple Watch] Bug with cast on Android TV


[Apple Watch] Bug with cast on Android TV









(iPhone Xr, Apple Watch 1st. Gen, Sony Android TV)

Operating System

(iOS 12.1, watchOS 4.3.2, Android 7.0)


Hi, I recently download your Apple Watch Spotify version. There is a strange bug.  I usualy not use my TV to listen Spotify but watch application find out I have sony TV and I can cast music directly to TV. So far so good. The interfase on TV is amazing never try it before. I cast music from my watch directly to TV and I understand that the watch use the iPhone to cast so it is OK but the problem is WHY the **bleep** when I try to lower or upper the sound from the TV romote control i change the volume of the phone 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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Re: [Apple Watch] Bug with cast on Android TV


Because the apple watch is connected to your phone to stream your spotify music onto your TV. Your Apple Watch, being connected to the Phone, which is connected to your TV, makes it impossible to lower/raise the sound without changing the sound on your phone. I suggest you just use your phone to connect to the TV using the Apple TV app, or Bluetooth. If you can afford it, I suggest in investing in an electronic home appliance such as the Amazon Echo, HomePod, etc. These will only connect to your Tv, not interfere with your other gadgets, and they make it easier to change the volume/other settings with just a few words.

Hope this helped!