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Apple Watch app won't show specific song

Apple Watch app won't show specific song







Apple Watch Series 3

Operating System

WatchOS 5.3.2


My Question or Issue

I noticed that, when reproducing a specific song through Spotify Connect, it doesn't appear on the Apple Watch app. When the song starts playing on my iPhone 8, the Apple Watch app crashes (vanishes from screen) and when I try to open it again on the Watch, instead of showing the name of the song, duration, play/pause and all of the controllers, there only shows "Spotify - My Watch's Name" and the controllers are blanked out during the song (I can't play/pause through the Apple Watch app, only on the iPhone).


If I skip the specific song, or start playing another one, everything comes back to normal and the controllers reappear. So, it's as if the problem happens on that song specifically (if anyone wants to make a test, the song in question is "Wait for Me" from Hadestown soundtrack).


I tried reinstalling the Spotify app in both the Apple Watch and the iPhone, but the problem persists only on this specific song. Does anyone have similar issues? Is it a known problem?


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