Apple Watch offline usage?


Apple Watch offline usage?


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i have recently purchased an Apple Watch, will there be an update that allows me to use Spotify on there without taking my phone out with me? It is very inconvenient when exercising? 

I have seen similar posts to this all over a year ago with very limited answer which have really been avoiding the question... so Spotify do you have an answer for this? 

The technology must already be there as other music apps are able to implement this feature...



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Good news!


Spotify now supports downloads on Apple Watch. This will be rolling out over the next several weeks.


Check out this Spotify news article for more info:

Enjoy More Ways Than Ever to Use Spotify on Your Apple Watch—Now With Downloads 

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Offline playback is BAREBONES functionality on a sports watch. +1 on this issue. I’m sick and tired of waiting. I’ve paid for premium for 5 years now and they still haven’t implemented this feature. I’m considering taking my money and moving it elsewhere at this point.

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Also adding my voice to this. Would love for Spotify to implement offline playback on AW. 

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I wondered why Spotify wasn't working on cellular mode and thought i was doing something wrong. So after reading all of the comments, I guess I will be also signing up with AM. What a bummer. I was so excited to get my watch and be able to listen to my songs without having to carry my phone.


Seems like I also have to switch to AM for the time being. Hopefully Spotify adds this feature soon. 


Yeah, I just bought an Apple Watch to go running without my phone. I didn't realize that you couldn't download playlists beforehand for offline listening similar to how you do on your phone. It's such a shame that this feature doesn't exist. 


I guess I will be switching to Apple Music. 


ALSO: sidenote - I tried liking all of the comments in this thread, and it wouldn't let me due to some error. So the numbers of likes are highly under-represented I am certain. THANKS SPOTIFY!


This is a major issue affecting both companies in a negative way. Apple does not want to give Spotify an offline mode without the phone because they want users to use Apple Music instead, which they will allow to have an offline mode without the phone.


I am interested in an Apple Watch, but not being able to play music offline on Spotify will prevent me from buying the Apple Watch. Therefore neither company gets my money


I too switched from Spotify to AM and am just waiting for Spotify to get**bleep** together and get their Apple Watch app working properly with offline playback.


Spotify have no excuse. They are NOT being roadblocked by Apple, the SDK is there ready for them to use and the ball has been in their court for a year now... and here we are, past and present customers, that are disgruntled/disappointed and switching to AM.


If Spotify paid artists more per stream in line with what they deserve, stopped whinging about Apple and actually built the functionality that they promised I’d have switched back by now because I miss the social capabilities of Spotify and its discover playlists. I must say, I’ve been so upset with how Spotify has been handling this situation and whinging the past couple years that I don’t plan on ever switching back now.

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Waiting on Spotify to allow Offline Apple Watch listening. Considering the switch back to Apple Music for me and my partner so that we can run without our phones and listen to music.

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It‘s a shame that Spotify is still missing this feature. I have free Apple Music subscription until august. If spotify does not deliver until then I will have to quit our family account and subscribe to Apple Music. Listening to music while doing sports wearing my Apple Watch is a main feature for me.

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Hi All!

There must be something between Spotify and Apple, as I have been waiting for Spotify offline version since 2018 autumn for my Apple Watch 4, and actually there was the same discussion about it then and there was a guy from Vietnam or some country of Asia who actually got sick of Spotify telling it's not possible (technical difficulties, etc) and created version himself what worked offline, but unfortunately, this got bad feedback from Spotify and was banned.

c'mon SPOTIFY I have been using premium for 5 Years and would not like to move to AM.
Please listen to your users and give us what we really need.

Thank you!


In our group of runners, 4 out of 7 ppl who are using Apple Watch were Spotify users but switched to AM because of that missing feature. I myself switched in 2018 and I check from time to time of Spotify did something about it and ... still nothing. It’s a pity because I always preferred Spotify and also I like the idea to not give more money to Apple but ...


Can’t wait for this to happen! My sole reason for using Apple Music is because I can save music to my watch for when I’m running or working out. I’d much rather switch back to Spotify...

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When is this feature coming?


Come on guys its 2020 now!!!!


The story was Apple were holding back the development which Spotify blamed Apple for, but with the WatchOS Kits that Apple provided to developers last year when WatchOS6, the ball is now on Spotify’s court to make it happen. They have the development tools, the frameworks and kits, it’s us all now waiting on Spotify from what I understand of it all. I don’t understand why they haven’t implemented such features like offline saving on the Apple Watch and Cellular Streaming, it would be such a big move for them, and a game changer for us, and it will mean Spotify can really compete against Apple with Apple Music. 


Spotify blew $100M signing Joe Rogan so no money  left for app development apparently 

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Does Joe Rogan exclusively on Spotify mean I can’t listen to his podcast offline via my Apple Watch after the end of the year? I use Overcast, not Apple Podcasts, but I’m guessing that won’t matter. If they’re going to do this, you think they’d make their option have the one thing everyone has been asking for since the app came out...

Well, I got my watch & airpods this week specifically to go running/kayaking/skiing outside. Dear spotify, I'm starting my 3 month trial of AM today. If there's no update in 3 months, I'm switching entirely.

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Same here !


I should’ve done more research before choosing the Apple Watch because my main driver was that I could go for a run and listen to Spotify without having to carry my phone... turns out that’s not the case! Super disappointing and like others I’m considering changing to AM simply for this convenience. I would’ve thought being 2020 this would be a pretty standard feature. 


I recently purchased the apple watch series 5 and I have to say I am beyond disappointed in Spotify. I at first thought it was user error that i couldn't connect my headphones but then read all of these posts. What is the point of paying a premium membership when this has been in the works for almost 2 years by the looks of it? The main reason i bought the watch was so i wouldn't have to carry my phone while running and would have access to my playlists...guess i shouldn't have trusted this would be an easy process. Thinking of switching over to Pandora or Apple Music at this point since both seem to be working from my watch. Not great for your paying customers 😕


Spotify is lazy, I'm considering going to Apple Music (AM) or Pandora. 


I'm going to write to customer service and let them know that I will be planning to end my subscription with them if they dont change. Heck, make it a premium feature if they have to. Just do IT!