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Arranging songs in playlists (iphone)

Arranging songs in playlists (iphone)

I have noticed similar threads, but thought I would reintroduce the issue.


I am unable to arrange the songs, under the edit feature on spotify (iPhone) since the new updates.

This was a great feature. I’m creating a party playlist which I want to edit whilst listening to it on the train. Can't always be on the computer.


The new song queue feature is great. Can't believe IPods don't have this - as far as I’m aware.

Could you also make it possible to arrange playlists by artist, album, song name etc. on the mobile version? And arrange playlists alphabetically. Although I know the location of my playlists, my friends find it difficult.


I also think you should make more of the related artist’s features both on computer and introduce it phone. It's a great way of finding new music.


Many thanks


Harry, Proud user of spotify for several years and spotify premium for almost a year.

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