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Artists “Appears On” removed on iOS?

Artists “Appears On” removed on iOS?






iPhone X

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iOS 13.3.1


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I noticed a couple of days ago I couldn’t find the Appears On section within an Artists profile. It’s still not there. Did Spotify remove it? 

please help I used that feature frequently!

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Same here. The same thing happened a while ago after an update. A lot of people complained about it and they brought it back. Now it looks like they removed it again

Why doesn't Spotify survey its users BEFORE removing prominent features? It's already hard enough to find various artist compilations as is, NOW IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE! Not only that, the 'Appears On" feature was super helpful in discovering similar artists too, especially since spotify limits its "Fans Also Like" section to a VERY small number of artists which tend to be the same circle of artists from artist page to artist page. There's countless related artists to be discovered by music fans but you wouldn't know it given the platform's current format.



Another PERPLEXED Premium User

This is really bad way of operating a business! Removing features like ”appears on” that users use daily without giving any explanation! Its like someone told them to do this!

Hey there folks, 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


If you're having troubles seeing the Appears On section on the mobile app, we'd recommend heading over to this Ongoing Issue.


Rest assured that our tech teams are currently investigating this so if you're experiencing this, make sure to add your +VOTE and requested details there so we can pass them along.


This way, you can also stay up to speed with any updates we have to pass on about this.


Hope this info is useful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else!


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Yeah same here. I’m seriously considering switching to Apple Music over this. It’s so frustrating.

I sometimes wonder if the developers actually use their own app... this change was so senseless.

Ye i mean who the F* makes it harder for the costumers to use the product they’re selling?? Think about it! Makes no sense at all! Why remove so many ”appears on” tracks then choose a few ones that’s ”ok”, ok for who?? And to add on it, mix the date releases? 


Spotify aren’t u supposed to make music more available or are you taking YouTubes approach on things?

It's now July, and I'm still not seeing an "appears on" feature on the desktop or mobile app. Please clarify: is this a deliberate change, or is it a bug? If it's a deliberate change, then for me it's the last straw and I will be cancelling my subscription. I've been a paid subscriber since 2015, but I've had it with useful features being removed with no warning and for no discernible reason. Most apps add features, not take them away. When I first signed up I was amazed by how well put-together the app seemed and how easy it was to browse and discover new artists, but it gets progressively more difficult every year. I'm sick of paying for this every month.

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