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Attn iOS developers: Simple suggestion for iPad app

Attn iOS developers: Simple suggestion for iPad app

First off, great app. Really well done and I'm happy to see it done well the first time around. That being said I have a small suggestion that I believe would increase the efficacy of this app. After selecting a playlist and clicking 'edit' it is impossible to play a song. When going through to clean up a playlist and remove unwanted tracks this option would be very helpful. Alternatively, the same could be accomplished if the top menu bar (including the 'edit' toggle) became sticky when scrolling through long playlists. If this were the case, I could play a song at the bottom of a long pl and then easily click edit, delete and be done. As it is now , I must first play this song, scroll back to the top, click edit, and then scroll back down to delete. This is a small request but one that I believe would enhance the user experience while using the iPad app (especially while cleaning up playlists). Keep up the good work and I sincerely hope that my humble suggestion is considered in the next version. J
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