Audio Books destroy my recommendations

Audio Books destroy my recommendations


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Hi, in advance excuse my bad english. I don`t like to hear audio books anymore, because i only get a more proposals for Audio-Books and less for music.


Also i have a mixtape with different Autors and Chapters which make no sinn.

How can i get out of it.

I like to hear Audio-Books at work, but because the have in an uncut version a lot of chapters spotify "think" man, he mainly hear audio books, so he will get a lot of and near only proposals for Autors an audio books.

It must be possible in the future to exclude audio books from proposals.


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Hey @user-removed,


Welcome to the Community! 


You can put yourself on Private/Offline while listening to these books. That way Spotify doesn't register them.


There is actually an idea in our Idea Boards (Exclude audiobooks from Discovery playlists) you could vote for. You can find it here 🙂


Hope this helps. Have a good one! 

Thank you,

so i have to download the audio book and hear ist offline.



Hey @user-removed,


Yes! Or you can also listen while on Private mode. But feel free to add your +VOTE on the idea 🙂

For the moment it will help, but it`s no final solution. Also, i`m wrong, i haven't one MixTape with different Autors and Capitals, i have two.


A while ago i had a chat with a supporter and he couldn't help me to delete the two MixTapes. His solution was to hear a while more music. After a while the MixTapes about AudioBooks will disappear. But it doesn't help. I haven't heared Audio Books for a long time, but nothing happens. The MixTapes are still there.

Please excuse me for wrong gramma or something else.

Thank you for your help.

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The option to exclude audio book episodes from automated playlists is so overdue imho. It drives the great playlist feature absolutely unsusable. In general, spotify should heavily improve their audiobook handling. Its absolutely awful and rudimentary in comparison to competitors like audible.


This should be treated as a bug and not as a feature! I really enjoyed the automated playlists but by now every second title is an audiobook... Absolutely nobody wants to have a random snippets from an audio book in their playlists. Please, just fix it and do not blame the problem on not enough "Kudos"!


It is ridiculous that it even needs upvotes. It's a bug.

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