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Audio Quality

Hello, I have recently subscribed to both Spotify Premium and Apple Music and much prefer Spotify but the sound quality is so much better on Apple Music. I have my volume level just over the pause button and for Apple Music it is loud enough and with great sound quality but with Spotify it isn't loud enough. I have to turn it up nearly all the way to get the same sound and even then the sound quality isn't as good.


I have deleted the app reinstalled it restarted my IPad and changed the audio quality in the app. Is there anything else I can do? I really want to stay with Spotify because it is much better but if I can't fix this problem I will have to go with Applw Music. thanks.

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First of all, welcome to the community.


Now to the point... please bear in mind that in music, volume ≠ audio quality.


In your app settings, under Playback, make sure "Enable Audio Normalisation" is off otherwise Spotify will set the volume level to a constant in order to avoid a song with high volume to come just after another one with low volume. Also, check your Equalizer settings.


Now regarding real audio quality... I suggest you don't go there because it's a non ending discussion like the one about which wine is better. You should just stick with the one you like.



Thanks for the reply under playback I don't see enable audio normalisation and also what do I need to check for in equaliser settings it is turned off? Thanks.

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