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Automatic Download of songs (playlist) after switching iPhone not happening

Automatic Download of songs (playlist) after switching iPhone not happening

Plan - Premium / Country - Germany

Device (iPhone XS Max) / Operating System (iOS 12.0)


My Question or Issue: 

Hi Spotify-Community!


I am using Spotify since many years and recently switched to the iPhone XS Max. All my playlists are there, but unfortunately the automatic download for one of my main playlist doesn't work.


The particular playlist contains 1507 songs. I have turned the Download on and the status changes to "Downloading..." but nothing happens. Only songs I play for a few seconds get downloaded but not the entire list (which used to happen before). When trying the same with a "smaller" playlist it works.


I've of course closed the Spotify App completely (through the App Switcher) - re-opened it, toggled download off, removed the downloaded songs and turned it back on but nothing happens (auto download). Any idea what I could do? I suppose the limit for downloading songs (10000) to the iPhone is overall and not sliced and diced by playlists? I am on Wi-Fi when doing it 😉 The # of devices being registerred for offline playlists in my account is 2 so this should also not be the problem...


Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks a million. 


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Hey @marcogutierrez.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community, and sorry for the late response! We'll be glad to help you out if you're still experiencing this issue 🙂


First, we recommend you remove all offline devices by going here (you'll have to log in to your Spotify account first), and then try downloading the tracks again.


If that doesn't work, could you try a clean reinstall by following the steps outlined here if you haven't already? This can solve many common problems that our users experience.


Let us know how you get on!

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