Background app refresh


Background app refresh

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Hi everyone,

what exactly is expected to happen when I enable background app refresh for spotify in the settings of my iOS 8 device? I couldn't find any info in spotify's whats new or the user documentation for the app.

I turned it on and closed the app but none of my subscribed playlists got updated in the background.

Cheers, Andy
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Re: Background app refresh

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I'm not sure it does anything currently although I haven't tested. Wondering does it allow offline playlists to sync in the background if they where downloading already?

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Re: Background app refresh

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I have noticed that if I have Spotify running in the background on my iPhone, and on my desktop I add a song to one of the playlists I have saved for offline, it will download it in the background so that next time I open the app on my iPhone it's already downloaded. It might be time limited to a certain time period after you have opened it.


Not sure, but that's what I have noticed.

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