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I’m trying to synchronise my Spotify tracks and playlists from my PC to my Ipad, but a message appears on my Ipad informing me that I do not have sufficient space to do so.


My Ipad settings state the following:

Storage – Used 12.3GB, Available – 0 bytes

ICloud – Total storage 50.0 GB, Available 49.3 GB


I have the following questions:


  1. Is it possible for me to increase the storage capacity on my Ipad, and if so, how do I go about it?
  2. As I have considerable spare capacity on Icloud, is there any reason why I can’t back up my Spotify tracks and playlists there?

Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.


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Your iPad storage is something fixed, meaning you can't change it, at least without putting a lot of effort into it.

Since you don't have place on your iPad you might consider freeing it up by deleting things that you dn't use there and that are taking up a lot of space.

iCloud is a cloud service by Apple which is used to store your stuff accross your devices.

It's a good thing that you have a lot of space there but the thing is that Spotify uses it's own servers for syncing and that means iCloud has nothing to do here.


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