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Bring back the divider

Bring back the divider

I've noticed that the divider (name a playlist "-") is not longer possible.

Why? It helps a lot to create some kind of overview / hierarchy when you have a lot of playlists.

I honestly don't understand why you remove functionality from the desktop app and make it worse.


Can you bring it back please?

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I am not a Spotify employee so I can't program it in. But I might have a suggestion if that helps (for the time being?). 


I sort my playlists by making maps, you can through as many playlists in them as you would like. Works for me:)

What's a Spotify Rock Star?

I assume you're talking about folders (maps)?

I use that too, but would love to have back the divider for the visual hierarchy it creates between sections.

The arrow before the maps doesn't really help with the seperation and overview scanning the sidebar of playlists.

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