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Buttons in the submenu aren't working

Buttons in the submenu aren't working




United Kingdom


IPhone SE 3rd Gen.

Operating System

iOS 17.4.1


My Question or Issue

When I press the three dots in the top corner, after the menu comes up, when I try to select any of the options, the press monitors, however it doesnt take me to where it needs to go, e.g. a radio. Once this has happened, I cannot close the menu, as pressing close has the same issue. The only way to resolve is close the app and start it again

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Hey @harrycollett23


Thanks for reaching out and for the video you sent us! 


Sorry to hear you're experiencing setbacks when using the app, let's look at this together shall we. When restarting the app are the buttons accessible or do they not respond at all? Have you tried seeing if this would happen when accessing your profile from another device, if not could yo try on a friend or relatives phone.


At first glance this seems to be connected to your device so we'd recommend clearing your cached files for starters. You can check how to do so in this article from our support page.


Hope this helps out, keep us posted!

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