Can not select song; have premium

Can not select song; have premium







iPhone 8

Operating System




I connect Spotify via my desktop to play through the speakers (they are better than my blue tooth).  I then open Spotify via iphone app, select 'play on ZYZ desktop' selection and now have it open on both playing the same song.  I have a different laptop (work) that I connect to my desktop system to utilize the keyboard and monitor, leaving my home desktop working behind the scenes and work in the front scene.  I have a premium paid subscription.


Problem:  when I attempt to select a specific song via my iphone on my playlist on shuffle it diverts to the predetermined song that is next in line in the shuffle (click the Now Playing icon in the upper right it switches to this view).  


1] Is this faulty design / ineffective capabilities by Spotify or do I have something switched in my parameters that I should undo to allow this function of selecting the song I want?  

2] Also, why do I not have a direct line to a Spotify tech?  Is that because this community is the replacement of "tech support"?


Spotify techs, answer please so I do not get forced to drop this to free subscription and move over to Amazon.  You're saving the Earth from the looming corporation wars in 2075 by keeping me a subscriber!  


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Hey @A80,


Thanks for getting in touch. We're happy to help!


Could you let us know the following so we're sure we fully understand the issue?:

  • Does this happen only while playing via connect?
  • What happens if you directly tap the song you wish to play?

Lastly, if you can share a video reproducing the issue, that would be great!


If you'd rather get in touch with our CS team, you can find how to contact them here 🙂


Have a great day!

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