Can't Delete Songs/Albums

Can't Delete Songs/Albums

I really like the new Equalizer in version 1.5.0 but it is still very annoying that since all my songs are set to download, I can't remove any. Well I can, but technically if I want to delete a song/album, I have to remove it from my library. It does not remove it from the device. I can tell because when I download Drake's new album for example, i have 6.2gb left. When I try to remove it, it stays 6.2gb. But if I delete the whole Spotify app, my space crawls back up to 6.4gb. When will this be fixed?!

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Hey @CheefLatif we just found a solution not long back.. Take a look at this thread:
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I just tried that and it still does not give me memory back. It works if you downloaded a playlist, but not if you remove a Album from Your Music. Maybe beause in the Songs section, all songs are set to download? Idk but this is really irritating. 

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