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Can't delete a playlist in a folder

Can't delete a playlist in a folder

With the last version of Spotify on iOS, the ability to delete a playlist inside a folder of playlists has desapeared. It is a little function but very useful.
Please fix that quickly ! 🙂
Thanks for your work however.
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A little up 😉

Yes, this is an important function for those that are not always sitting in from of their desktop counterparts.... please add!

+1.  I think this stopped working when the iPad version came out.

That's what I think too !
Please Spotify, re-add this function !

Yes! Please help us successfully manage playlists and folders on iOS again!! It's a pain!


I really need some help deleting a blank public playlist. The funny thing is that itdoesn't show in "Your Music" on my Iphone, only when I enter my public playlists... I managed to make it "secret" from my phone, but It only went "secret" on my Mac. So I can still see the blank playlist "Store-P Regnmannen" on my Iphone.

If someone please could fix it, or give me a solution, that would be great!


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