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Can't download off-line playlists

Can't download off-line playlists

Hi everybody


I can't download my playlists to listen to it off-line afterwards. 

I use Spotify Premium for a month now, and everything was great till then. 

It doesn't even start to synchronize, even though i'm on Wi-fi. 

Can anybody help me please ? 

Thanks !

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Hi. Are you trying to synch local files from your PC or download spotify content? If you are trying to synch local files, does your iphone appear under "devices" in the desktop client?

Do you have at least 1GB+ of free space on your device?

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I have more than 1GB of free space and my phone is on the device list as well

Hey there,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble syncing playlists on your iPhone.


Let's try simply reinstalling the app - - does that improve things at all?


Fingers crossed!

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