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Can't get iPhone to show up as a device

Can't get iPhone to show up as a device

I used to be able to sync my iPhone with Spotify through desktop version on my macbook air... now, nothing that has to do with "devices" even shows up on the left hand side. My phone is connected to the same wifi as my computer, and I have the app open on my phone, yet still nothing shows up on desktop version. I've tried turning both my phone and computer off then on again, redownloading the app, logging out and logging back in again... nothing seems to be working. I've been wanting to add new local files to spotify on my phone but I'm unable to do that since I can't even get the desktop version to recognize my phone anymore. If someone could give me some help or advice that would be great, thanks!

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Hi jfleming18, and welcome to the Spotify community, I hope we can help you;-)

If you're on the same network and on the same WiFi netwerk you should be good indeed. Since you're not please try the following.
1. Shut down the firewall on your router and computer to rule out that this blocks the Spotify connection.
2. Does it works when you are connected with a USB cable to your computer (never tried this but worth trying)
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Same here: I am not able to sync local files to my iphone anymore as it is no longer being recognised by spotify desktop. Please help!

I'm having the same issue too. Followed all the suggestions in the Help section about synching local content but it just won't work. I have local music in a playlist on my Mac. I have the playlist set as "Available Offline". Have both my iPhone and Mac on the same WiFi network. But the local files will not play on my iPhone. The playlist is ther on my iPhone and the local files are in there, but the local files are all grayed out and it prompts me with the "Song Not Synced" prompt/message whenever I try to play it. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance. 🙂

The devices section will be coming back in a future update.


In the meantime:

You won't be able to see an indication in the desktop client that the device is paired with the desktop client. But as long as they both are on the same WiFi network you should be able to trigger the local files sync by toggling the offline toggle on the playlist on your device. Just make sure that the local files are in a playlist of their own so that this will work.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Thank you, Matt, really appreciate it. So just to clarify what you said - if my playlist contains "Spotify" tracks AND local files, the synch won't happen? My local files always need to be in a separate playlist by themselves? My playlist contains both Spotify tracks AND local files and it won't sync, even after toggling "offline playback" on and off. Hope you can help. Thanks again!

Later in the day I also realized this works as a temporary solution. Thank you!



It should still work.


What I meant was that the built in "local files" playlist doesn't have an offline toggle and so to get around that all you need to do is make sure the local files are in a separate playlist. 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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i still can't get them to be playable even if i toggle the available offline switch. i tried on both my computer and my phone and they are still gray and unplayable

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