Can't log in after upgrading to premium


Can't log in after upgrading to premium


I've had Spotify installed on my iPhone for ages. I just saw an offer for a premium discount which I signed up for. I had to uninstall Spotify and install a new version.


Now, when I try to log in using the same credentials I've always used, I get an error "an account has already been set up for that email"


I'm not trying to set up an new account. I've gone over it several times--There's a 'log in' button and a 'set up new account' button. I'm very distinctly clicking thhe 'log in" button and using the same credentials I use on desktop (Which works fine, incidentally).


I've shutdown/restarted the phone. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify again. I've tried logging off of desktop (Though I've never had to do that before). Nothing helps. I keep getting the same error.


Anyone have a clue what's going on?

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