Can’t open Spotify Links in Facebook app

Can’t open Spotify Links in Facebook app







iPhone Xr

Operating System

iOS 15.1 (19B74)

When I klick on a Spotifty link open.spotify.something (See attachment SafariError.jpg) in the Facebok app it opens Safari and gives an error "safari can't open the page because server cannot be found" then in the bottom it says track (or playlist if it was a playlist link) I've posted a full link example in the bottom.


If the link has a preview it kind of works (See attachmentt WithPreviewKindOfWorks.jpg). Then it opens Facebooks embedded Spotify player then I can click on the spotify icon and choose open in Spotify. Not a fan of the embedded player that's why I say kind of works. Would like to go back to old preview function but that's another story.

If I manage to copy the link then I can search for it in spotify and find the track or playlist. Or I can paste it in notes and click on it there, then it works.

I used to have the problem when it opened up Appstore telling med to download the Spotify app and got stuck in a loop. Like this post but that's not the issue anymore, from instagram stories it works. And on the phone if I log on to Facebook on the webclient (Safari) the links work.


I've done a clean re-install of both Facebook and Spotify apps that doesn't help. And I have several friends who has the exact problem. So it's not just my account or unit.

As I write this I understand it seems like a Facebook App on iOS problem (it works for my friends with Android units). But if you can't share music and playlists it takes away a lot from the Spotify experience. So hopefully you can help me fix this.

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Hey @badcarma,


Thanks for posting here.


As this seems to originate from a third-party app, we're not sure what can be done in this case and if there're any configurations available to change this behavior.


The workaround that you've found is very good as copy-pasting the link within the Spotify app's search will play the content.


We know this disrupts the flow and makes checking out shared content more cumbersome, but we don't think there's anything else we can suggest at this point.



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Yes, it seems like the problem is with Facebooks app for iOS, but it would be helpful if Spotify could contact facebook about the issue. After all it is affecting even Spotify's own Facebook page - the links there don't work on iPhone. 

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