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Can’t play new artist radio

Can’t play new artist radio








iPhone 8


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Most artist radios play but some do not. Look at this picture. Why won’t some play?




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Will someone answer my question?

I just commented this on someone else's post. I found out how to get back to the radio:


"My radio is gone as well. I only have home, search, and your library buttons now. I just figured out that you have to click your library>stations. All of your radio stations will be there and there is also the option to create a new station."


As for the stations not actually working, have you tried just creating a new one? That might be the only solution as of right now with the update. 😕

I wasn’t referring to the radio station I was referring to the new endless artist radio playlists. Some of them show up when you search for an artist. Others only show up if you scroll to the bottom on an artists page. The latter wouldn’t let me click on it but just started working today. 

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