Can't save to My Music on IOS/iPhone...?

Can't save to My Music on IOS/iPhone...?


So, I have an iPhone 5s and went to save a tune to My Music from my phone. Doing so gives me an error message stating: "All filled up. Epic collection, friend. There's no more room in Your Music. To save more, you'll need to remove some songs or albums."


First, I call b.s. - I'm pretty sure we're talking "tags" in Your Music, not actual audio files so there should be no limit. Also, I was able to successfully able to save songs on my laptop. So what gives? Is this a cache issue on the phone and if so - how, the hell, do I clear it out...?

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I have the exact same issue i thought there was no limit on saving files for play online

Having the same issue on the latest Android client. Going to the desktop client on Windows or Linux I can save items just fine and they instantly show up on my device under my music.


Do these limitations perhaps stem from the free account? Is the app failing to detect Premium status in this regard? I can only assume that the limitation must exist on at least the free accounts or else the notification wouldn't even exist.


The modal that pops up in the app reads:



Epic collection, friend. THere's no more room in

Your Music. To save more, you'll need to remove

some songs or albums.



No mention of "Or upgrade to Premium" or anything similar which confounds me some.


Spotify? Anything we can do here? Need a logcat or anything?


I have exactly the same problem, I use Spotify Premium so a paying customer.


Never have I read anywhere that there is a limit to the amount of songs/albums/artist you could place in your music. I find it really bad that there is a limit. I'm a big music fan with a broad taste in music and now I'm limited.


Used to have Rdio, now I'm considering switching back, or maybe YouTube Red + Google play music.


Edit, I also tweeted to Spotify but I didn't get any response 😞


Hi guys, same for me. Premium user, and receiving this message from my iPad. Couldn't find anywhere about this limit. Heavily considering to go back to Rdio or any service that certifies there's no limit. 


Doing this search, I found there's a limit of 3333 musics offline per registered device, is that right? Is that new?



Same issue here, and I don't even have anything downloaded offline. I hope this isn't a serious thing, it's ridiculous. I pay for Spotify because I want access to everything. I'll go to Apple Music or something else if I need to.

Does anyone know how to find the list of all our "saved" 3333 songs so we can at least clean it out/update it etc

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