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Can't see my music in my new iPhone device

Can't see my music in my new iPhone device

I changed iPhones and I backed all my playlist up before I wiped the old phone and now it says I have no playlists on Spotify on my new phone.
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Yikes!! Sorry to hear that.. but there is pretty good chance you playlists are still safe & intact.

See ...Spotify doesn't actually store the playlists and music on your device, they exist in the cloud unless you download them for offline, which just allows you to play them when you cannot connect to the internet. 


This is a good thing, because if we change phones or computers, Spotify has our playlists and music preferences safe on their servers.


So.. I would recommend that you check to make sure that you are indeed signed in with the same account that you were signed into on the old phone.


I have accidentally signed in with an old account or created a fresh account accidentally and seen similar results. Typically I just had to sign out and then sign back in with the correct account.


If you are connected via facebook, make sure you are signed into the correct facebook account in safari before trying to sign in on spotify via facebook. That has gotten me before too. 


Hope that helps!




Kind Regards, Le FyK.
I do not work for Spotify.

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