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Can't share playlist with another spotify user

Can't share playlist with another spotify user

I followed the advice from this site by searching the user name of my friend. The result was found nothing. There was no error in entering the username. I am at loss why I could not find my friend. Any advice to fix it? Thanks!
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Unfortunately mobile sharing is only possible between facebook linked ccounts. Sharing from/to spotify users is not supported currently.

Thanks for your letting me know about its restriction.


What is reason behind linking Facebook with listening music acitivity?

No idea. Sharing between spotify users is possible on desktop but not on mobile devices. There's an idea here which you may want to support.

Thanks for your more detail.


Did you mean that Spotify on mobile device does not have sharing playlist feature due to simpler version.  However it can do it on desktop program.  Thus I can do the sharing on desktop version first then the mobile version can use the shared playlist from other Spotify user.

You can find and follow spotify users from the desktop client or web player, yes. You can also follow their playlists from the desktop. Any plylist you follow there will also show up on your mobile.

Thanks, good news!  Will try it.

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