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Can't update Spotify app [iPad/ios 9.2] - advice?

Can't update Spotify app [iPad/ios 9.2] - advice?

I've screwed up and am hoping someone has got a fix.  


- Spotify running happily on elderly iPad for couple of years

- month or so ago one of the automatic updates got "stuck" and thereafter the app didn't update

- eventually I deleted the app completely and decided to download again to see if that would fix it


- App Store shows the app but not the "get" button, only the blue download ring - and it won't download.  


So now I've managed to lose Spotify altogether.   


Advice? Thoughts? Wisdom?





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I have the same issue. Only I can't even delete the app, it is stuck on "Installing".

iPhone 6 running iOS9. 

Did you find a solution?

Me too!

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