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Can you add offline files to online playlists?

Can you add offline files to online playlists?

Just wondering that. Is there a way to make playlists that consist of both files stored on your phone (from other sources, NOT from Spotify) and songs on Spotify?

For instance, say you have a playlist of songs from your favorite band, but some of their albums aren't on Spotify, so you transfer those songs to your phone via iTunes etc. Can you add those tracks to a playlist that consists of the songs that ARE available on Spotify?

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Hey @thewillhelm and welcome to the community!


Yes you can 🙂 But you can't import them through the iTunes app on your phone. You need to import your local music to the desktop client first and to download the music to your phone, you have to make the playlist available for offline use (premium subscription required). There's no problem with mixed local/Spotify track-playlists! 🙂

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