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Can you prevent the iPhone app from resuming play?

Can you prevent the iPhone app from resuming play?

Every time I start/wake up the Spotify iPhone app it continues playing the last song played. Is there a way to prevent this?



5 Replies

I'd definitely appreciate this. Several times my iPhone has started blasting music at inopportune moments. I've started holding my thumb over the speaker when opening it to be safe sometimes!

I would love a solution to this as well.  To many times have I opened Spotify just to search the database and was blasted by the last thing that was playing upon opening the app.   An option to disable this would be great.  

Definitely in agreement. I can understand why some people would like this, but to have it as a default is annoying. There should be an option to toggle this on or off.


Yep, I hate this "feature" too. Simple toggle in settings should be there.

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