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All offline playlists have switched to Available Offline = No

All offline playlists have switched to Available Offline = No

Iphone 4s

spotify version -


All of my playlists have switched to not being available offline - i've lost the green marker/arrow against them. 


I have had a large number of songs before require re-syncing which is a pain and can be time consuming but to have the whole offline collection now not available unless i re-sync is making me re-think whether i should bother with this app. 


The re-syncing wouldn't be such a problem if it wasn't for the fact that currently my home broadband is capped so i really dont want to be syncing these all again.


The app hasn't crashed recently and i haven't changed any settings - was there an update recently? i honestly cant recall.


Any ideas what is going on?

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Hmm, that's rather strange. There is some re-encoding of some tracks going on but this shouldn't push all your playlists offline. I've taken a look at your account but couldn't see anything weird.

Have you updated to the latest version of iOS on the iPhone?
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