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Cannot Remove Playlist / Songs from Apple Watch

Cannot Remove Playlist / Songs from Apple Watch

Plan: Premium

Country: US


Device: Apple Watch

Operating System: 7.6.1


My Question or Issue:

I added a playlist to Apple Watch, and then I must have removed that playlist from my iPhone before removing it from my Watch because now I cannot remove it from my Watch. Now I have songs on my watch that cannot be removed.


To troubleshoot, I tried adding the exact playlist back to my iPhone and re-adding it to my Watch, which recognized the same songs without duplicating them, however it just created a duplicate playlist on the Watch. So I can remove that duplicate playlist but not the original playlist. 


How can songs or playlists be removed from Apple Watch once the playlists are deleted from the Spotify app?


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Update for those experiencing the same problem – after speaking with support, the only way around this as of now is to delete the app from your Apple Watch and re-install it, which will remove ALL downloads.

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